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Indeed, the delegation from the City of Malabon University and the local government of Malabon demonstrated their strong commitment to research by presenting four research papers at the 29th Asian Media Information and Communication Annual Conference in Bandung, Indonesia. The conference served as a platform for researchers from around the world to share their findings and insights.
The individuals who showcased their research fields at the conference were:
1. Dr. Alexander T. Rosete: As the Malabon City Administrator and a faculty member at the SGS (School of Graduate Studies), Dr. Rosete contributed his expertise to the research papers presented.
2. Dr. Glen DV. De Leon: Dr. De Leon holds the position of CMU (City of Malabon University) President and is also a faculty member at the SGS. His participation in the conference highlights the university’s dedication to promoting research and academic excellence.
3. Dr. Porfirio Catolico, Jr. : Dr. Catolico serves as the CMU VPAF (Vice President for Administration and Finance) and is a faculty member at the SGS. His involvement in the research papers demonstrates his commitment to advancing scholarly pursuits.
4. Dr. Allie Agustin (CMU Research Director and a faculty member at the SGS). His presence underscores the university’s focus on fostering a vibrant research environment.
5. Prof. Jefferson Cruz: Prof. Cruz, who works as the CMU Accountant and is part of the Undergraduate Faculty, also participated in the conference. His involvement reflects the university’s inclusive approach, where individuals from various roles contribute to research initiatives.
6. Mr. Allan Miranda: As the Malabon City GSD (General Services Department) Head, Mr. Miranda’s presence at the conference highlights the collaborative effort between the university and the local government in promoting research and academic endeavors.
The active participation of these individuals from different roles and positions within the university and the local government is indeed proof of the University’s serious and sincere goal of establishing itself as a research hub. By actively engaging in research conferences and presenting their findings, the University demonstrates its commitment to advancing knowledge and contributing to the academic community on a global scale.
For further details kindly refer to the link : https://tinyurl.com/29th-AMIC-Conference