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  1. Senior High School Graduates
  2. ALS Passers
  3. Transferee
    • You are required to fill out and complete the Application Form.

    Link for Admission:


    1. NSO or PSA Birth Certificate
    2. Grade 11 Report Card (SF 9 or Form 138)
    3. Recently Issued Grade 12 Report Card (Only if Available)
    4. Transcript of Record for the transferee

Step 1: Register via https://admission.cityofmalabonuniversity.edu.ph/admission/

Step 2: CMU College Admission Test (CMUCAT)

Login using your application number to check your examination schedule.

link here: https://admission.cityofmalabonuniversity.edu.ph/ 

Step 3: Upload Requirements

  1. Photocopy of PSA Birth Certificate
  2. Grade 11 Report Card
  3. Recently Issued Grade 12 Report Card (Only if available)
  4. ALS Certificate for ALS Passers
  5. Transcript of Record for the transferee

Step 4: Career Pathing and Confirmation of Program

Step 5: College Interview (Board Courses)

Step 6: Enrollment

  1. You can visit the portal and check your status by login here:  


  1. You can email us at ro@cityofmalabonuniversity.edu.ph
  2. Updates can be found on our Official Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/cityofmalabonuniversity
  1. Admission will start on February 28- March 31, 2022 from 8:00 A.M- 5:00 P.M
  2. Admission will automatically be closed if it reached the maximum quota of (7000).
  1. The system is only accepting JPEG/JPG/PNG photos not greater than 2MB. We have provided a link where you can resize your photo. https://picresize.com/
  2. Kindly upload a decent photo with a white background or a soft copy of your 2×2 photo in your application form.

Double-check if you have filled in all the required information

  1. Check if your printer is connected and configured properly. You can always save the file and print it later if the printer is not available.
  1. Just click the Print Button. Navigate to destination Box, select “Save as PDF” then click Save Button. 
  1. Scan your Documents and save them as .jpeg
  2. Rename your scanned file as 


JDelaCruzGrade11   for Grade 11 Report Card

JDelaCruz Grade12   for Grade 12 Report Card

JDelaCruzPSA for PSA or NSO Document

Where: J is the first letter of your Name

DelaCruz is your last name

PSA is your document type

Attach  the document in your Online Application (PDF format only)

  1. Visit here https://picresize.com/
  2. The maximum file size is 2MB

Program Choice will be finalized during Enrollment.

  • Math-English-Science-Filipin

    *Online Admission Test is set on April 25-28, 2022 (Subject to Change without prior notice)
  • Results will be posted on the official website and social media of CMU.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cityofmalabonuniversity

*Online Admission Results is schedule on May 9, 2022 (Subject to Change withour prior notice)

You are allowed to register in our online application only ONCE. You will receive an error message once you did multiple registrations; however, please be informed that your application once successful is valid only for ONE (1) year.

Please leave that portion blank and move to the next page.

The Admission Number or Application Number is provided as your reference number after submitting your online application. It will appear on the left part of your screen and in your confirmation message to indicate that you successfully submitted your application.
You will be using the Application Number in all your transactions in the university throughout the enrollment process. On the other hand, the CMU Student number will be provided once you are officially enrolled in CMU.

Admissions are currently not accommodating face-to-face transactions for the admission application of applicants for SY 2022-2023 in observance of the quarantine protocols set by the government. If you have any concerns, you may reach us through our email and/or Facebook page account. 

Email: ro@cityofmalabonuniversity.edu.ph 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cityofmalabonuniversity

Admission Support: https://www.facebook.com/CMUDigitalAcademics

Grade 12 graduates may enroll in any degree program offered by the university regardless of the track or strand they took in during their Senior High School level, however, they must qualify the admission requirements for the program they intended to pursue.

CMU started the (3 Terms)Trimestral Calendar Academic Year 2021-2022 upto date.

Yes, you may change your preferred degree program during the enrollment proper

Enrollment for freshmen will start on May 23, 2022 or two weeks after the release of the qualified applicants during the onlineduring online admission test.

CMU has adjusted the delivery of quality education consistent with the Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) recommendation for limited face-to-face flexible learning to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With different levels of quarantine applied to several parts of the country and with public health as a priority, the movement of people—including students—has significantly changed, teaching and learning process will have to adjust as well. The operations of the university will primarily depend on government advisories on community quarantine.

For SY 2022-2023, the learning modality will still be dependent on this protocol of the government to assure the safety of our students and employees.

For transferees, only the  GENERAL EDUCATION SUBJECTS including PE, and NSTP will be credited

The First day of classes for Academic Year 2022-2023 will be on June 27, 2022

You may visit this link https://cityofmalabonuniversity.edu.ph/program-offerings/ for other programs of CMU.